Our offices and staff are located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. This means that the work we do is based in the U.S. This allows for quicker and more direct relations with our representatives and helps to ensure compliance with HIPAA HiTech rules. This also is in accordance with the new wording with leading insurance provider requirements in their contracts.

We are located in sunny Florida

​​Prometheia Health provides a multitude of services to help grow and solidify your medical business. We work with you and your team to enhance your revenue cycle with a proven track record of recouping lost revenue, fixing broken cycles, and increasing collections. Our risk management services help ensure compliance to better protect your business and help guide you through both regulatory and business model adjustments. As a comprehensive medical resource company we provide services that include accounting, purchasing, marketing, business strategies, and development. In addition to billing services, we offer training programs, consulting and onsite auditing plus many more services and with a caring and competent team Prometheia Health is your partner for success.

Are you considering adding tele-medicine as an option for your practice or looking to start a tele-medicine based practice?

Our team understands what is needed and how to start and sustain a successful tele-medicine practice for both today's and tomorrow's medical advancements.

​Prometheia Health

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