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Prometheia Health offers professional revenue cycle management services for national and local providers who are interested in maximizing their revenue return. Our billing specialist are experienced and highly trained professionals who have worked on both the provider and the insurer side ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the payment process. As a company we pride ourselves on our thorough dedication to our clients and partners in healthcare.

Our dedication shows in our diligence and follow through when handling the payment process. 

As a company we pride ourselves on our thorough  dedication to our clients and partners in healthcare.

 Our services are available at percentage rate of collections at a tiered level allowing for flexibility in managing returns or a set monthly amount for providers that would prefer that option.

In today's medical arena it can be challenging to obtain maximum compensation for services that have been rendered due to complicated insurance plans and rules. Having professionals that understand the revenue cycle and collection process who aggressively rework aging makes a significant financial impact for your practice. Our team of billing professionals work with you to help your practice grow and flourish allowing providers to focus on doing what they are trained to do...taking care of and helping others.

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