​Prometheia Health

Prometheia Health offers consulting services for providers and facilities in the medical field. Prometheia Health prides itself on our knowledge and skill sets in the medical community. With an established record of successful development for our clients and an esteemed history that spans a combined 150 years of experience for our consultants, Prometheia Health provides comprehensive quality consulting services. At Prometheia Health we believe in working with our clients as partners on the road to success. We do not just make a few suggestions and leave you to fend for yourself. Instead we work with you and your staff to provide an optimal environment for your practice. Our team will work with you and your staff in developing needed solutions. Our staff have experience in both the clinical and business side of operations and finance. This experience and expertise provide you with assurance that you are working with professionals that can guide you to a better tomorrow for you and your patients.


Contact us at 1-866-731-7312 or at 727-287-6300

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